F2: World of Football

F2 World of Football: How to Play Like a Pro is the kind of book that well-meaning parents and grandparents buy their football-obsessed children and grandchildren for Christmas.

It will doubtless make an appearance under many Christmas trees this year, but I wonder just how many recipients will actually read it from cover.

I suspect many will be rushing outside for a kickabout with a recently-unwrapped ball or boots.

It’s certainly what Billy and Jez, the phenomenal footballing talents who form the F2 would have done at the same age.

They were the kind of youngsters who only took a break from kicking a ball when hunger or sleep intervened. As their many followers on YouTube can testify, this lifelong devotion has honed their skills to the point where some of the things they can do with a ball look almost unbelievable.

From pinpoint-accurate passes and strikes at goal, to astonishing ball-juggling tricks, they carry off the seemingly impossible with cheery laddish charm. Even the legendary Pele has said they do `is not possible’.

Each of them could undoubtedly have enjoyed a career playing for a professional team. Instead they have chosen to share their skills via the internet with 5 million YouTube subscribers, 269,000 followers on Twitter etc.

They travel the world sharing their skills and filming with the game’s biggest stars.

Hopefully some of their fans will put down their digital devices long enough to take a look at the book, which reveals how single-minded devotion turned two lads from ordinary backgrounds were able to develop skills which turned them into stars.

But I suspect if fans do take a pause from viewing the F2’s videos, it will be to go outside and kick a ball…

F2: World of Football (Amazon)

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