Cold Kill by PJ Tracy

Mother and daughter writers PJ and Traci Lambrecht have made a name for themselves in more ways than one. This is the seventh title written under the joint pseudonym PJ Tracy and it once again features detectives Gino Rolseth and Leo Magozzi.

Faced with investigating a killing at an upmarket Minneapolis hotel, they quickly realise this is no run of the mill murder. For one thing, the victim rang the police shortly before his death to tell them what what was about to happen.

The death is linked to another across the city, and both have their roots in events more than half a century ago when the `Cold War’ was at its peak.

Cold Kill is a first rate page-turning thriller, the kind of book where so many intriguing pieces of information have been dropped into the story within a few pages that you want to read on to see how they are linked.

The deaths are linked by a decades-old secret, but why were the two men killed on the same evening, who else might be a target, and just what is at stake?

As two detectives investigate a rising toll of bodies, it quickly becomes clear that hundreds of thousands of lives could be at risk if they don’t get to the roots of the mystery. Yet, with clues disappearing rapidly, that could be harder that they thought. With the help of Monkeewrench, a group of computer geniuses, the two wisecracking cops may just find out.

An original plot with enough twists and turns to keep even the most hardened thriller reader guessing until the end. Recommended.

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