Review: Kill the Father by Sandrone Dazieri

Right from the opening paragraphs it’s clear this book and this author stand out from the crowd.

In the first few pages, describing a child’s captivity, are truly chilling. You can’t help feeling that, if a writer can pack this much into relatively few words what can they do with a whole book?

It doesn’t disappoint.

Kill the Father is a satisfyingly complex thriller full of rich descriptions of scenes and insights into the thinking of those involved.

When a woman is murdered and her son goes missing, two individuals with very different approaches to crime solving are brought together. Each has a troubled past which will feed into the investigation. Colomba Caselli is police detective on enforced leave after a bombing while Dante Torre has the kind of analytical mind that TV’s Sherlock possesses thanks to his uniquely awful childhood. A glimpse of a person or a scene gives him enough information to make deductions that escape the less observant.

They make a very different partnership, with their troubled minds drawing them together despite their enormous differences.

There’s plenty of action and twists in the plot, but what thriller would make it onto the shelves without these prerequisites ? What makes Kill the Father stand out is the quality of the writing and the cleverness of the plotting.  For those wanting to immerse themselves in an author’s imagination for a decent amount of time, it also comes in at just under 500 pages in hardback.

This is Italian writer Sandrone Dazieri’s UK debut, and he should be delighted with the work of the translator.


Kill The Father

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