Why books aren’t disappearing (and neither is this blog…)

Advances in technology are typically accompanied by wildly inaccurate predictions that an existing way of doing things will become obsolete. Yet the old ways cling on resolutely. So you’ll find large numbers of people using bicycles as one of their travel options even though they have a car, or handwriting letters although they could use … More Why books aren’t disappearing (and neither is this blog…)

Donald Trump’s Books

As I write, America is preparing to inaugurate Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America. Strangely, even though he spent months campaigning for office, making countless public appearances and appearing in TV debates watched by huge audiences, it seems we still know very little about what kind of President he … More Donald Trump’s Books

A watcher watched

If I were to mention birdwatching, I bet the first thing to pop into your mind would be an image of someone in stout shoes, waterproof clothing and a warm hat. To complete the scene you might want to throw in a tripod a thermos flask and some binoculars. If so, then Ross Armstrong’s debut … More A watcher watched

Are bookshops doomed?

Supporters of the traditional book format, of which I am one, are fond of saying that digital books will never match the sensory experience of a `proper’ book. Whatever technological advances may be around the corner, it’s hard to see anyone creating an e-book format that matches the look, feel and even smell of a … More Are bookshops doomed?