James Patterson

History is full of examples of new technology being heralded with predictions that it would completely replace something that already existed. It’s rarely proved to be the case. Radio continues despite the proliferation of TV. People send greetings cards even though it’s quicker and easier to ping off an email. You can even get a … More James Patterson

Black Friday

I’d assumed that Black Friday was all about beating (and occasionally, beating up) your fellow bargain-hunters for a discounted telly or laptop, or spending hours scouring the internet for the latest `must-have’ toy on the cheap. Seems I was wrong. The good news, book lovers, is that books are also to be had more cheaply … More Black Friday

Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz (Review)

While some authors keep their publishers and readers happy by ploughing the same ground book after book, Anthony Horowitz likes to keep his guessing by switching genre and writing style from one book to the next. While young readers love his Alex Rider books, older bookworms have been gripped by his take on familiar literary … More Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz (Review)

A camera manual that makes sense? Surely not!

Not the sexiest title for a book, perhaps, but the readers who Jeremy Bayston is aiming at with his book `Canon 1300D/RebelT6: The Manual’ will be more than happy with what’s inside. My knowledge of photography doesn’t extend much beyond taking the lens cap off and pointing the camera in the right direction. Most of … More A camera manual that makes sense? Surely not!