A watcher watched

If I were to mention birdwatching, I bet the first thing to pop into your mind would be an image of someone in stout shoes, waterproof clothing and a warm hat. To complete the scene you might want to throw in a tripod a thermos flask and some binoculars. If so, then Ross Armstrong’s debut … More A watcher watched

Are bookshops doomed?

Supporters of the traditional book format, of which I am one, are fond of saying that digital books will never match the sensory experience of a `proper’ book. Whatever technological advances may be around the corner, it’s hard to see anyone creating an e-book format that matches the look, feel and even smell of a … More Are bookshops doomed?

James Patterson

History is full of examples of new technology being heralded with predictions that it would completely replace something that already existed. It’s rarely proved to be the case. Radio continues despite the proliferation of TV. People send greetings cards even though it’s quicker and easier to ping off an email. You can even get a … More James Patterson

Cold Kill by PJ Tracy

Mother and daughter writers PJ and Traci Lambrecht have made a name for themselves in more ways than one. This is the seventh title written under the joint pseudonym PJ Tracy and it once again features detectives Gino Rolseth and Leo Magozzi. Faced with investigating a killing at an upmarket Minneapolis hotel, they quickly realise … More Cold Kill by PJ Tracy

F2: World of Football

F2 World of Football: How to Play Like a Pro is the kind of book that well-meaning parents and grandparents buy their football-obsessed children and grandchildren for Christmas. It will doubtless make an appearance under many Christmas trees this year, but I wonder just how many recipients will actually read it from cover. I suspect … More F2: World of Football