A camera manual that makes sense? Surely not!

Not the sexiest title for a book, perhaps, but the readers who Jeremy Bayston is aiming at with his book `Canon 1300D/RebelT6: The Manual’ will be more than happy with what’s inside.

My knowledge of photography doesn’t extend much beyond taking the lens cap off and pointing the camera in the right direction. Most of the time I’m happy with the pictures captured by my smart phone can do a pretty good job when it comes to holiday snaps or the ubiquitous `selfies’. That said, there are times when I wonder if I could get a decent shot in a particular situation if only I had a proper camera and knew how to use it.

Unfortunately, real cameras now contain more features than most of us are likely to use only occasionally. If you’ve ever found yourself looking at a button or setting on your camera and wondering what it’s for, then this book will probably have the answer.

jeremy-baystonWhile it’s written with users of one particular camera in mind, much of the content will be of interest to users of other Canon cameras. Indeed, if you have any type of DSLR camera and don’t fully understand it, you’ll get a few pointers.

Jeremy Bayston is man who clearly knows his way around a camera, but he goes through each button and menu choice in a way that even newcomers should find easy to follow. In the absence of a technology-savvy teenager to explain how that expensive camera you bought works, Jeremy’s book is a good substitute.

Coming in at 116 pages it is, at first sight, a slim volume for the price, but Bayston covers a lot of ground. Everything from the differences between the various manual and automatic settings to how to choose the right lens or flashgun. There are even sections on lighting your pictures and framing videos shots.

As an added bonus, the book contains links to videos which cover the same ground. These are nicely presented and easy to follow. Although typing the web addresses into your browser is a little fiddly, it is worth the effort.

If Jeremy could produce manuals for our central heating controls and the washing machine, I’d be a happy man.

Canon 1300D / Rebel T6 by Jeremy Bayston

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