Cook Happy, Cook Healthy, Fearne Cotton (Orion)

At one time cookery books were produced by internationally famous chefs and a few querky TV cooks. These days, thanks to the proliferation of shows like Great British Bake Off, Masterchef etc, it seems everyone has the knowledge to produce their own guide to a healthy, nutritious life.
Like most people, I suspect, we watch TV cookery programmes with admiration but stick to our own tried and tested meals that we can cook wthout having to consult a recipe every few minutes, and which we know we are all happy to eat.
Yet, as a mostly vegetarian household, I suspect Fearne Cotton’s book is likely to see a fair bit of use. A lifelong veggie, her book is geared towards those who choose to live without meat, but there are enough recipes to keep the carnivores happy.
On screen, from her early days on Saturday morning TV to presenting Children in Need with the late Terry Wogan, she’s always come across as a bright and enthusiastic personality. Judging by this, her first foray into food writing, she has a real enthusiasm for food too. As the mother of two young children doubtless mealtimes have become more significant events in her daily routine.
The book is aimed at those wanting to produce good, healthy, home-cooked food that isn’t going to take too long to create. A laudable aim, as far as I’m concerned. Many’s the time I’ve been tempted to prepare something tempting only to discover that it takes hours to cook or involves ingredients which the supermarkets available to me don’t see the need to stock.
From her take on salmon fish fingers and veggie burgers to more interesting fare such as courgette and carrot spaghetti and fried quinoa balls, this stylish book is full of recipes that should appeal to busy young families looking to establish their own repertoire of recipes.

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